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Family Law

(7th ed. 2012), 1,851 pp.

with full-text CD and 2014 Supplement, 165 pp.

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About This Book

Family law is a challenging, rapidly expanding, and ever-changing area of the law, making this two-volume set a best seller in the MoBarCLE library. This deskbook deals with the legal issues of all aspects of family law, including: child support and custody; antenuptial, postnuptial, and separation agreements; parenting plans; alternative dispute resolution and collaborative law; dissolutions; tort and criminal liability; property and taxation; parentage and reproduction; and enforcement of judgments and orders.

Family Law is written and reviewed by experienced Missouri attorneys and judges and provides comprehensive case summaries, statutory and rule references, and discussion.

The 2014 Supplement to the seventh edition of Family Law includes a new section on modification of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders. It has substantive coverage of recent caselaw and also discusses: legislative changes to the statutes regarding protection orders (in addition to recent caselaw and practical guidance); how the changing landscape of same-sex marriage laws across the country affects family law practice in Missouri; and shifting tax laws and their effect on family law practice in Missouri.

Family Law includes a full-text, fully searchable CD with more than 50 sample forms in word-processing format. Purchasers may transfer the book to a laptop or mobile device for their own individual use. Order yours today!


1    |    The Lawyer`s Role in Family Law

2    |    Marriage
            Scott M. Mann

3    |    Annulment
            Daniel R. Sokol and Stephen G. Davis

4    |    Antenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
            Bruce E. Friedman

5    |    Mediation, Collaborative Family Law, and Other Forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution
            Alan E. Freed

6    |    Dissolution of Marriage
            Anita I. Rodarte
            Erin M. Zielinski (Supp.)

7    |    Separation Agreements
            Daniel J. Pingelton

8    |    Parenting Plans
            Scott A. Robbins

9    |    Child Custody and Visitation Rights
            Margo L. Green and Amanda B. McNelley

10  |    Child Support and Maintenance
            James H. Young and Michelle E. Jakobe

11  |    The Family Support Division
            Daniel J. Pingelton
12  |    Child Abuse in the Domestic Case
            Kathryn L. Dudley

13  |    Adult Protection Orders and Child Protection Orders
            Hon. Michael D. Burton

14  |    Tort Liability and the Family Relationship
            Christina N. McCartney

15  |    Characterization and Division of Property in Divorce
            Cary J. Mogerman and Stephanie L. Jones

16  |    Pensions and Deferred Compensation
            James P. Rosenbloom

17  |    Taxation
            Jennifer K. Huckfeldt

18  |    Motion Practice Before Trial
            Maia Brodie and Erin M. Zielinski
            Joshua R. Kolb (Supp.)

19  |    Discovery
            Michael L. Taylor
20  |    Trial Practice
            Michael L. Taylor

21  |    Use of Experts
            Susan J. Wirthlin

22  |    Attorney Fees
            Brian Sinclair
            Therese Marchlewski (Supp.)

23  |    Postdissolution Matters
            Michelle S. House-Connaghan

24  |    Enforcement of Judgments and Orders
            Lisa G. Moore and Ryan L. Munro

25  |    The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
            Janelle Jennings-Drummond

26  |    Modification of Decrees
            Dana M. Outlaw
            Jennifer Oswald Brown (Supp.)

27  |    Conflict of Laws
            Cary J. Mogerman and Joseph J. Kodner

28  |    Parentage
            Allan F. Stewart
29  |    Rights of the Unwed
            Benicia A. Baker-Livorsi

30  |    Alternative Means of Reproduction
            Tim R. Schlesinger



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