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Guardianships and Conservatorships of Minors

(2011), 44 pages

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About This Book

The law of guardianships and custodianships for minors has similarities to the law for adults, but there are differences. Judge Paul K. Parkinson highlights those differences and discusses the need and process for appointing guardians and conservators. He also covers the powers and duties of guardians and conservators for minors, claims, and termination of the guardianship or conservatorship. This handy and affordable publication will help you quickly find the information you need to help your clients and their families.


Guardianship and Conservatorship of Minors originally appeared as a chapter in the MoBarCLE deskbook, Missouri Estate Administration. To make the information on this important topic more widely available, MoBarCLE is publishing this stand-alone book. This book is part of a new product line of guidebooks. These books will be smaller, more focused, more affordable, and more easily updated than traditional MoBarCLE deskbooks.


These guidebooks are available in a choice of formats: softbound print book, CD, or download. Purchasers can buy both the print and an electronic version for a discounted price. Order yours today!


1   |   Introduction
2   |   Guardians ad Litem
3   |   Necessity of Guardianships or Conservatorships
4   |   Jurisdiction and Venue
5   |   Initial Procedures
6   |   Standby Guardian
7   |   Powers and Duties
8   |   Claims
9   |   Termination
10 |   Miscellaneous

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