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Missouri Trust and Estate
Legislation Update:
QSJTs, Decanting, UAGPPJA, and More

(2012), 153 pages

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About This Book

Through the years, The Missouri Bar has published a succession of “Yellow Books” in response to significant changes in probate, trust, and estate legislation. Those publications have been valuable guides to new legislation and have been popular with Missouri attorneys. This publication builds on that legacy. In 2011, Missouri enacted significant trust and estate legislation as reflected in the title above. Technical corrections were adopted in 2012. Authors Scot W. Boulton, Harvard W. Muhm, and David English detail those legislative changes, explain their effect and importance, and provide background to put the changes in context.

This book is part of a new product line of guidebooks. These books will be smaller, more focused, and more easily updated than traditional MoBarCLE deskbooks. Some of these guidebooks will follow deskbooks that cover a broad perspective of a related area of the law; some of these guidebooks will precede those deskbooks. And some of the guidebooks will be conceived and published as stand-alone publications.

These guidebooks are available in a choice of formats: softbound print book, CD, or download. The electronic versions include sample form provisions in word-processing format. Purchasers can buy both the print and an electronic version for a discounted price. Order yours today!


1    |    Qualified Spousal Trusts (QSJT)
2    |    Decanting
3    |    Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Act (UAGPPJA) and
            Miscellaneous Guardianship Changes
4    |    Technical Correction of Missouri Uniform Trust Code (MUTC) and
                Missouri Uniform Principal and Income Act (MUPIA) 


PLEASE NOTE: The following sample clauses for a tax planning joint trust are provided solely for informational and educational purposes, and the author does not warrant their appropriateness for use in any manner.

QSJT Intent Language  |  33
All Assets, Including Separate Property, Held in Separate Equal Shares
  |  34
Joint Property Equally to Each Separate Share, Separate Property to Separate
Share Unless Scheduled
  |  35
Joint Property and Separate Property Equally to Each Separate Share Unless Scheduled
  |  36
Power to Amend or Revoke
  |  37
Exercise of Reserved Powers
  |  38
Power to Direct Trustees
  |  39

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