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Lincoln on Professionalism

1.5 MCLE hours including
1.5 Ethics hours

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Abraham Lincoln once said, “As a peacemaker the lawyer has superior opportunity of being a good man [person]. There will still be business enough.”

Lincoln on Professionalism was created by the Atlanta Bar Association in partnership with the Chief Justice’s Commission on Professionalism in Georgia in celebration of the 200th Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. The program presents ten vignettes that contain the writings of Abraham Lincoln to create a documentary-style program on professionalism.  The exemplary qualities of personal honor and legal professionalism that Lincoln demonstrated day in and day out in his law practice are presented in the slides, readings and contemporary commentary that comprise the program. The vignettes provide comments and conclusions on the following in the practice of law …

Lack of Vanity  •  Candor with the Court   •  Justice and Fairness • Candor to Opposing Counsel   •  Dignity and Civility   •
Courtesy and Goodwill  • Brevity and Clarity  •  Candor to Client   •  Diligence   •  Conclusions for Modern Day Lawyers

The vignettes are accompanied by a live Moderated Chat Room in which attendees can participate in discussion about how Lincoln’s standards apply to ethics and professionalism in the legal profession of today

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