CLE 52 years Thank you for attending lex|PORT 2016 Tech Expo

October 20-21, 2016

Up to 12.4 MCLE Hours, Including up to 2.2 Ethics Hours

Thursday Materials

Plenary 1

Harnessing Technology to be More Efficient & Avoiding the Multitasking Distraction

Speaker: Barron Henley

Breakout Session 1

Windows 10

Speaker: Barron Henley

iPad Tools for Trial Attorneys: TrialPad, TranscriptPad & More

Speaker: Todd Hendrickson

Breakout Session 2

Word Formatting Fundamentals

Speaker: Barron Henley

A Paperless Practice: Tips & Tricks for Going (& Staying) Paperless

Speaker Todd Hendrickson

Plenary 2

Legal Ethics & Technology--What You Need to Know to Be "Technologically Competent"

Speaker: Michael Downey

Breakout Session 3

Styles: If You Don't Control Them, They Will Control You

Speaker: Barron Henley

Technology You Can Use in Your Law Practice -- Practical, Affordable Advice

Speaker: Michael Downey

Breakout Session 4

Tools and Techniques for Negotiating & Revising Documents

Speaker: Barron Henley

The Law of Robots -- Regulating Tomorrow's Machines with the Laws of Yesterday

Speaker: Ed Walters (Presenting via Skype)

Friday Materials

Plenary 3

Security is Only as Good as the Weakest Link - Security Measures Every Lawyer Must Take

Speaker: Barron Henley

Breakout Session 5

Using Templates to Streamline Your Document Generation

Speaker: Barron Henley

How & Why to Document Your Firm Technology & Processes

Speaker: Catherine Sanders Reach

Breakout Session 6

A Lawyer's Guide to Adobe Acrobat & PDF Files

Speaker: Barron Henley

Mapping Your Data for Retention, Succession & Security

Speaker: Catherine Sanders Reach

Plenary 4

50 Tips, Apps & Gadgets

Speakers: Barron Henley & Catherine Sanders Reach

Plenary 5

The Flexible Law Firm

Speaker: Catherine Sanders Reach

Plenary 6

Mining the Web for Information

Speaker: Catherine Sanders Reach



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